Sacred Space Massage & Wellness and A BETTY LIFE COACHING PROGRAMS


1 Hour Massage


Massage 3 Pack - Payment Plan

per month for 3 months ($201.00 total)

Massage 6 Pack - Payment Plan

per month for 6 months ($378.00 total)

Massage 6 Pack

Healing from an injury? Stressed? Get more of what you need at a great price!

Massage 3 Pack

Get more of what you love at an affordable price!


Wellness Coaching & Massage Integration 4 Session Package

Need to take your massage experience to the next level. We all know that the physical body is the last part of our whole self that manifests dis-ease. By combining your massage experience with wellness coaching, you are able to get the the root of your dis-ease by discussing your mental processing...which is the first area of the self that creates dis-ease in the body. Combining a body, mind and spiritual approach to your healing helps you and your body heal faster. You let go of worries and concerns and learn spiritual and energetic techniques that take you to the next level of your healing.